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Aceplas Group of companies manufacture and distribute cleanroom and ESD products.

Cleanroom Bags

Aceplas Pte Ltd has its own manufacturing facility to produce the clean class 100 PE bags, Normal and Anti-static PE bag and sheet, Normal and Anti-static bubble bags. The sizes and thickness of the bags can be customized

Cleanroom/ESD Garments

Aceplas Pte Ltd is a leading manufacturer for the cleanroom/ESD garments with production facilities in Indonesia and Thailand. Lightweight and breathable, the garments can come in the form of a jumpsuit, 2-piece suit, smock, cap, hood and booties

Shipping Tube/Plastic Profile/ESD Document Holders and Files

Aceplas Pte Ltd has its own manufacturing facility to custom-make the shipping tube (IC tube), stopper, PP tube, PE cap, plastic profile and flexible tube. These shipping tubes and plastic profiles can be made from material such as PVC, PS, PETG, TPE, Polypropylene, ABS et

ESD Floor Materials and Installation

Aceplas Pte Ltd and its group of companies have vast experience and expertise in providing one-stop solution for ESD flooring installation including site survey, floor moisture measurement, sub-floor preparation, floor leveling, water-proofing, tiles installation and floor testing as per ESDA standard S7.1.

ESD Tester w/ Data Logging Flap Gate/Turnstile System

Aceplas design and build our own ESD shoes/Wrist Strap Tester (iDS600) with access control such as flapgate, turnstile, magnetic door lock, infra red sensor, test results data logging etc


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