Test and Equipment

EM Aware Continuous ESD Monitoring

  • Continuously monitors all relevant EOS/ESD/EMI parameters on any tool or workbench:
    • ESD Events                 
    • Ionizer Decay
    • Electrostatic Voltage    
    • EOS Monitoring
    • Ionizer Balance            
    • Conducted ESD Events & Transients
  • ESD Events: Magnitude and count
  • Broad sensitivity range. Adjustable sensitivity
  • Audio and visual indication. Stand alone or networked
  • Output to FMS and DAQ. Individual alarm settings
  • Local or remote antenna

Humidity Controlled Chamber

  • 9 cu. ft. (225 I) work space
  • 1/4" clear & white acrylic
  • polished PS30 welded seams
  • 12" x 12" access opening
  • 1/2" door with 1 12-turn latch
  • Available with or without 8" ports
  • Humidity & temperature control packages
  • Custom configurations


  • Compact and light weight with adjustable angle
  • Special designed transformer works on magnetism principal providing longer product life time and at the same time prevent short circuit hazard
  • Ion balance is very steady with adjustable setting

Overhead Ionizer (2 fans & 3 fans)

  • Large ionization area
  • Air flow speed is adjustable
  • Designed for  vast application, such as processing and assembling of electronic products, camera films processing, watches assembly, ESD sensitive instrument assembly, etc

Ionizer - Air Gun

  • Ergonomically designed ionizing air gun has superb static elimination and dust removal capability
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty features

Ionizer - Air Snake

  • A nozzle that could be flexibly bent at will
  • Compress air and ionization power is simultaneously triggered by foot pedal
  • With built-in voltage regulator, ion balance is Maintained effectively
  • Energy saving features for prolong product service life

Ionizer - Bar

  • Internal air amplifying ducting built with a tough structure
  • Suitable for neutralizing static charges on a wide area, such as scattered electronic parts, plastic parts, silk printing web, pre-printing surface, per-plating surface, image processing surface, etc


  • Neutralizes static charges effectively
  • Voltage fluctuates slightly at low voltage, no damage to objects when used at closed distance
  • Designed with internal compact transformer, without high voltage cable to prevent electrical hazard
  • Alarm function when ionization is out of order

Digital Thermometer

  • Measures tips temperature quickly and accurately with CA sensor(Dia 0.2mm)
  • Sensor with special metal alloy coating resists corrosion and oxidation
  • Range 0-600C

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