Test and Equipment

Static Decay Meter

  • Meets the requirements for static charge dissipation and static decay rate testing as required by DOD, NFPA, ESDA, INDA and EIA test specs
  • Variety of electrode configurations are available which enable the static dissipative characteristics of film, flat plaques, IC carriers, tote boxes, garments, tabletop and flooring material and storage systems to be evaluated

Workstation Monitor Checker

  • Verify proper operation of dual wrist strap, workstation, and ground monitor
  • Simulates the proper resistances and signals to check for the correct responses

Ground Pro

  • Impedance Measurement
  • Voltage Measurement
  • EMI Measurement
  • Hold Function

Ground Master®

  • Comprehensive tool ground monitor
  • ANSI/ESDA S20.20 compliant
  • Ground impedance alarm range: 1 ... 20 Ohms
  • Alarm threshold is adjustable in field
  • Monitors EMI on each ground
  • Safe ground monitoring
  • Capacity: 8 grounds, 16 with extension Outputs are 4 .. 20mA for facility monitoring system Outputs are realay contact and logic output for tools (RT models)

Ground Man & Ground Man Plus

  • Process tools in semiconductor, disk drive, flat panel and EMS environment
  • Reasonably-priced ground monitor with 3 monitor point for metal ground within the tool
  • ANSI 6.1/ ESDA S.20.20 compliant
  • Provision for user-selectable ground impedance
  • From 1 to 20 Ohms
  • Sound on/off is toggled by Set switch in powered state
  • Sound is continuous beep for grounds
  • "Out "terminal provides logic 1 (+5V) when all grounds are within limits and the unit is powered up. If any of the monitored. Grounds fail or when is off, the output is 0

Ground Man Plus

  • Sound for wrist strap alarm is distinct from ground alarm

Iron Man & Iron Man Plus

  • Connects to ground plane or any grounded part of PCB or product in process
  • Whenever soldering iron or any other tool (tweezers). Touches grounded pad, voltage is measured and an alarm. Is issued in case of over voltage
  • Bipolar over voltage circuit
  • Voltage range 0 . .. 5 and 0 ... 50V
  • Adjustable sensitivity (potentiometer)
  • Fast response

Continuous Wrist Strap Monitoring System

  • Ensure wrist strap in good working condition
  • Light weight and effective

WS Aware - Dual Workstation Monitor

  • Dual wrist strap monitor
  • Field replacable (patent-pending) wrist strap terminals
  • Extremely low on-operator voltage (25 millivolts)
  • Body voltage monitoring. Metal ground monitoring
  • Dissipative ground monitoring
  • EMI on metal ground
  • Programmable thresholds
  • Industrial Network Interface
  • Comprehensive information to FMS
  • Miniature. Individually calibrated

Equilibrium Ionizer Controller

  • Monitors DC, AC and pulsed ionizers
  • Controls with virtually all DC ionizers that are equipped with a control input
  • Automatically adjusts to ionizer parameters for control
  • Broad range of balance auto adjustment for DC ionizer blowers
  • Completely rejects influence of static voltage on ionizer balance
  • Keeps ionizer balance under ┬▒1 V
  • Indication of balance decay

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