Test and Equipment

Surface Resistivity Checker

  • Handheld meter
  • Checks surface resistivity and resistance to the ground
  • The checker, with two brass bars, employs the ASTM Standard 0-257 method of parallel bar sensing
  • Range 103 - 1012

Wrist Strap & Footwear Combo Tester

  • Tests, prints, stores, and e-mails each wrist strap and heel grounder resistivity value in less than 3 seconds
  • Adjustable limits, exact resistivity readings, unique report generation groups, versatile networking options, an expandable employee log of 30,000 and is foolproof

Surface Resistance Meter

  • This durable and lightweight handheld meter measures both Surface Resistivity between two points (Rtt) and Resistance to Ground (Rtg)
  • Test Range 105 to 1012
  • Automatically generates a 10v or 100v test voltage for a 9 volt battery with results shown through a mutli-colored LED display
  • Can be used with the built-in parallel stainless steel electrodes or with optional external electrodes

Digital Resistance Meter Set

  • Tests resistivity, humidity and temperature of all conductive, antistatic and static dissipative surfaces for electrical resistivity/resistance according to the EOS/ESO CECC, ANSI, ASTM, UL, NFPA, Military, and EIA test procedures
  • Includes resistance meter, one pair 51b electrodes, cable accessories and moulded carrying case

Digital Static Locator

  • Locate and measure static charge potentials on product, people, equipment and packaging
  • Uses a non-contacting, chopper stabilized field sensor and a ranging light mechanism to ensure correct measurements of electrostatic fields in all areas even those using air ionization

Handheld Charged Plate Monitor (Without Timer)

  • Consists of Electrostatic Field Meter, a Detachable Charged Plate, an Charger- for measuring static charge and verifying ionizer performance

Charge Plate Monitor

  • Four test modes with flexible parameter setting
  • Can be set to trigger alarm when a test is failed
  • Internal memory to store test data for later viewing purposes
  • With non-touching sensor, test results is reliable and accurate

Charge Plate Monitor (optional with Computer Interface)

  • Decay & float modes
  • Detachable charge plate with flexible, small diameter cable
  • Various charge plate size available
  • Battery or line operated
  • Optional computer integrated system

Static Shielding Bag Test System

  • Designed to perform ESD STM11.31 & EIA-541 testing when used in conjunction with a high speed oscilloscope and computer
  • Provides the discharge pulse and the resulting attenuated voltage output for direct connection to a 2-channel oscilloscope for EIA-541 testing, or a current pulse for the ESD STM11.3 test

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